Stop stress in it's tracks.

# Finish your shift with no take home stress and get a good nights sleep. 

* What stress is

* When it happens

* Why it happens

* How it happens

* Types of stress

* Your threat response fight flight or freeze

* Every threat response has two clear threats

* How to clean out stress

* Get a good nights' sleep

* Money back guarantee

Good nurses empathize with their patients. Empathy helps you walk in their shoes and take some stress off but their stress transfers to you. You need to clean it out as it happens or it adds up with every patient. Cumulative stress transfers to you and becomes a personal safety hazard and a risk to everyone around you.

Learn to clean stress out as it happens at - 

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Bruce Palmer

52 + years small business.

* 52 + years learning about stress.

* Now returning value to the community.

# Destress as you go with no cumulative effect, live longer and healthier.

# Effective, affordable, no big words.

# Best chance for a better life.

# $22 AUD is nothing compared to the rest of your life.

# Go ahead, build on my mistakes.

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